Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Ideas about the iPhone; One about jailbreaking

Number One:
I think that facebook makes money from Mobile Texts. It might set up a deal with the service provider and say that it will help people go over their texting limit and make the company more money. This money of course supports facebook's servers and programmers, etc. Without that it would slowly "fall" off the web. So if push notifications were integrated into Facebook for iPhone they would lose a lot of people that would use mobile texts. iPhone makes up something between 25 and 50 % of Att users. That would be huge losses and that could havev prevented them from purchasing friend feed and losing that great technology.

Number Two:
There haven't been major upgrades in batteries for a while. So there is a limit to what we can do hardware wise. The only thing to do is use software "hacks". FOr example, if processors never sped up there are only a few software ways to artificially speed it up. RIght? well, cell phone's have to frequently (on a second long basis) contact with tower which EATS your battery. So to save battery life iPhone can only go so far because it is limited by hardware. So it communicates with tower less frequently to save battery. That is why it takes an extra second to connect when calling. So I see a correlation between battery life limitations and the phone service on the iPhone. They inverse.

Jailbreaking Idea:
To make the iPhone a fully functioning computer. It would require a jailbreak so you can edit the keyboard, multitask, have a file navigation system and then allow a little programming for some add-ons (add-ons would be limited based on how much power can go through the phone at once.)

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