Saturday, October 24, 2009

Security Recommendations

On your computer turn on all encryption algorithms and firewalls. Then, make a separate account the administrator account. Finally, lock all the folders and files in your home folder.

All of that makes it hard for a hacker or virus to run a shell script to remove files. Their only other option is to do something with visual dialogs which also slows down or completely halts what they can do.


DarWINE is a windows emulator for Mac OS X. (The name is clever because it says Darwin like the Mac OS X kernel).

Anyway, I had tried Crossover which was also a windows emulator but it didn't work that well. DarWINE has worked with every application that I have tried including Firefox, Grahpical Analysis 3.4, and Google Chrome.

So, AFAIK DarWINE sets up folders that act like the C drive and the program files folder. Then, since Windows program are x11 based, the X11 terminal like app runs that virtual folder that DarWINE set up.


Chrome Your Algorithmic Inefficiencies Disappoint Me

What is this?! Chrome has three processes running named "Chrome Helper" This doesn't seem good for my RAM! I hope they make this more efficient or at least builds the chrome program to delete any older Chrome Helper processes. Well, I will file a bug report!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Little reversing algorithm (non-recursive)

I will make a recursive algorithm for reversing later. I wrote this in applescript because it will be easier to follow since it is highly English-based.

tell application "Finder"

set answer to ""

display dialog "Input:" default answer ""

set userInput to text returned of result

set counter to count of userInput

repeat while counter is not equal to 0

set answer to answer & item counter of userInput

set counter to counter - 1

end repeat

display dialog answer

end tell

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too many...Finder windows?

The other day I had about 200 finder windows open. It was slowing down the system to the point where I could not interact with Finder; everything else worked well though. This is why I recommend a backup file navigational program such as Path Finder. Anyhow I had to find a way to close it.

You can do this from property list editor. Open from ~/Library/Preferences. You can do this in Property List Editor. Just check the box that says BrowserWindowRestoreAttempted. It should be type Boolean.

If you want to do this in terminal just open a terminal window. Type in the following without the quotations: "defaults write BrowserWindowRestoreAttempted -bool true"
Then, type "killall Finder" without the quotes.

Finder should restart and not reopen those windows. Everything will run normally and the system will handle itself fine after restart.

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