Monday, October 19, 2009

Too many...Finder windows?

The other day I had about 200 finder windows open. It was slowing down the system to the point where I could not interact with Finder; everything else worked well though. This is why I recommend a backup file navigational program such as Path Finder. Anyhow I had to find a way to close it.

You can do this from property list editor. Open from ~/Library/Preferences. You can do this in Property List Editor. Just check the box that says BrowserWindowRestoreAttempted. It should be type Boolean.

If you want to do this in terminal just open a terminal window. Type in the following without the quotations: "defaults write BrowserWindowRestoreAttempted -bool true"
Then, type "killall Finder" without the quotes.

Finder should restart and not reopen those windows. Everything will run normally and the system will handle itself fine after restart.

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