Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Verbose Mode

Verbose Mode is so helpful!

My computer recently got a bit slower. After looking around through the command line to check out my disks. I realized three things: (1) items had improper permissions, (2) things were out of place, (3) and I had 2% of open HDD space. [Btw, the last thing will be hard to fix seeing that two expand a partition it requires deleting the partition below it, which is a partition that I need to keep]

Anyway, I figured that there must also be a problem on start up, because there was a 9 second delay between the bootloader and the OS initializing. When, I booted into verbose mode I saw a 9 second delay. It slowed down on a command that said "Convert to launchd." I assume that this conversion is not happening or it takes time to do. So, I will tell you what happens when I pre-convert them. This will cut 9 seconds off my 32 second boot time. That just happens to be 23 seconds, which to a high majority of computers, is extremely fast.

Wish me luck! :)

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