Thursday, August 20, 2009

Samsung Blast Review

The Samsung Blast has a nice form factor(slide), is very thin and looks nice.

On the inside the Samsung Blast has 11 MB of RAM (disappointing when you look at the smart phone capabilities of 256 MB but not bad.) The RAM is sufficient though because I have never had any application crash on me. When compared to phones like the EN V and other Samsung phones the processor seems pretty slow but only really noticeable when starting the camera application otherwise it doesn't seem slow at all. Another hardware feature is the 1.3 Megapixel camera. I think that a theme of this phone is give you only what you need. But then again whenever it came out it could have been really advanced.

Call quality is pretty good and volume is nice. Unfortunately, it is hard to talk when slid closed because it blocks the microphone. Anyway, you can navigate the entire phone with it closed without opening until text-input is required. For the outer key input devices it has a shortcut key and quick access to the web. When it comes to the keyboard this phone is great. The keys are about the size of that of a Blackberry and it is QWERTY. However, it has T9 text prediction to help with typing because there are two characters per key. Nonetheless, I enjoyed texting, e-mailing and browsing the web on it.

The texting setup was great except for the fact that it was not organized as if it were a chat, like the iPhone.

E-mailing had a nice interface but was a little slow because it is on an EDGE network.

Web browsing was as good as any other phone of the kind. Of course it had limitation but it was good that the screen was a little larger then normal. Overall it was a fully-functioning browser. This seems like a pretty good office suite beside the fact that there were no word processing applications.

Unfortunately, many SD cards were not recognized by the Samsung Blast. But, I didn't have a problem because transferring music through bluetooth was VERY easy.

For battery life, my phone died at about 5 o'clock. It lasted from 7 in the morning to 5 o'clock.

Lastly, voice control was ok but not good enough to the point where it is actually worth using.

Overall, this was a nice phone and satisfied my technological needs. If it had an office suite and a better battery I might never have upgraded. (Hopefully, by Saturday I will have a review of the Samsung SGH-T439 and the iPhone)

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