Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Web Stuff

I have composed a list of web browsers and search engines in that order. can you guys look over it and see if something was improperly ranked.

Favorite Web Browsers:
1. Safari 4 (simple and it has all the features necessary with 3 add-ons)
2. Firefox (Second only because it quickly becomes bloatware with one afternoon at and it starts at 45 Mb's 3 times larger than the other browsers)
3. Opera (lacks add-ons and has a harder to use interface which doesn't maintain certain features depending on what OS you are running, does include mouse gestures but every other browser supports mouse gestures with add-ons)
4.Google Chrome (fast rendering but it still lacks many important features but it will get there; I can see it tieing with or surpassing Safari 4 in the next year)
5. Internet Explorer (bloatware with a messy interface and good anti-phishing security)
6. SeaMonkey and Camino(simple UI but very few add-ons, not bloatware, poor-ok security)

Search Engines
1. Google - the new version is intuitive and actually finds what you need (I don't want to go into it now but it works well)
2. Clusty - helps pinpoint your search with clustering
3. MetaCrawler - only when Google and Yahoo work well it comes first
4. Yahoo - helps pinpoint your search with selecting related words and all but not as good as clusty
4. Bing and Ask - small list of related searches but not that intuitive

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