Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad closes the gap

Some people might say that I am just being another fanboy and avidly supporting any new Apple product. However, I will hopefully convince you, with this article, that the iPad is TRULY closing the gap between an iPhone and a MacBook.

First, I would like to point out that the iPad keyboard, when in landscape mode, is AMAZING to type on. Unfortunately, the portrait keyboard feels a little cramped. Nevertheless, the typing, input, and text-manipulation experience, is wonderful.

Second, in the new applications you see "pop-ups" or other windows and palettes, which are only really found on computers, because of the ample screen space.

Third, I see certain functionality that can't be found on small devices, BUT they can be found on the iPad. For example, on a mac, you can put your mouse over any word and receive its definition by clicking Control - Command - D. This dictionary technology is implemented in a fashion much more similar to a computer, than an iPod/iPhone. This might seem like something unimportant, HOWEVER this is online one instance where I see the gap closing. Also, in the iWork app, the user can now manipulate document margins. Things like that are only seen on computers, and are much harder to implement on small iPhone-sized devices.

In sum, the iPad is not given justice by being considered a "bigger iPod Touch." It truly does narrow the gap between an iPhone/iPod and a MacBook. It allows for more computer-like functionality.

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