Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fixed My Computers Log Off Problem

I had reformatted my backup drives to optimize the system for a new computer that was added to my network. 

Basically, I backed up on a separate drive the most recent sparsebundles of my computer. I, then, erased and made 4 partitions (1 for each computer.) However, after that I had to stop. What I noticed was that once I turned off Time Machine on my MacBook, until I could get around to setting it up the computer started logging off quickly again.

I figure that the computer was probably looking to connect with an inactive drive; and, we all know that it's not good when a computer is trying to interact with something it can't find.

To confirm this I will look over logging off logs in console, but I think that was the problem.

Now, when I have five minutes to spare I will set up Time Machine for my MacBook again.

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