Sunday, April 4, 2010

No Third-Party Application Multi-Tasking

I will get straight to the point.

1. The processor on the iPhone isn't strong enough just yet and an algorithm that would try to give more power to the primary process would likely end up using the rest of the power and become inefficient.
1a. It isn't seen on the iPad, because that would mean a rewrite of the iPad kernel (which I believe is shared with the iPhone. They would be better off waiting until they rewrite the iPhone's kernel.

2. This would lower battery life, which is still a struggle to improve.

3. Also, malicious code could run in the background and steal passwords when the malicious code and the App Store are running. To prevent this Apple would then need more professionals who TRULY analyze code, which would take more time and cost more money consequently making applications and the device cost more.

4. Lastly, I read in an article that the biggest (non-trivial) complaint about Android OS is the multi-tasking. (I am not attacking Android it is just an example.)

If you are really not worried about any security risks, you can jailbreak it. At least Apple gives you the option to keep it locked up safe, unless you chose otherwise.

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