Monday, August 15, 2011

Apple Location Data Tracking

Summarily, I agree with Mr. Pogue: Apple's Location Data Tracking is a huge misunderstanding with a far simpler -- and benevolent -- explanation. Please read the abridged background information and my four points below, which should clarify why there really isn't a problem with this Location Data Tracking "scandal."

History: The British newspaper "The Guardian" has reported that security researchers uncovered the existence of a file which is used by the iPhone in order to keep a regularly updated timestamped record of the latitudes and longitudes visited by the device.

First, someone has to gain access to your Mac, which isn't inherently simple, as long as you have some password protection on your Mac, your iPhone, and your iPhone's backup.
Second, what could that information practically be used for, if it were viewed by a hacker? Of course they could piece together where you frequently visit, but you can do the same with binoculars, a car, and cool sun glasses.
Third, it isn't sent anywhere special. It probably serves a more benevolent purpose of determine the optimal position of to-be-constructed cellphone towers. Steve Jobs doesn't send out special spies to track you down based on your recent locations.
Fourth, Apple is fixing this so-called "problem." Now there isn't anything to worry about -- even though there was nothing worth worrying about to begin with.

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