Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slow Boot up Macintosh Snow Leopard

NOTE: This probably applies to Leopard too.

Over a month ago, I had a problem with start up on my mac. I think it was because I had a partition that was the main one for boot up, but after I deleted it Snow Leopard did not know what HDD to boot from. So, it would first check for network volumes. However, none could be found. We all know that loosely-connected or nonexistent network devices will cause problems, because they cannot be found. Anyway, that was my problem. It was increasing boot times between the bootloader and the Apple Logo up to 25 seconds.

Lesson to take away: If there is an unusually large delay in the time it takes to switch from the bootloader to the Apple Logo, the problem could possibly be remedied by going to "Apple Logo --> System Preferences --> Startup disk", and selecting a startup disk. (There is no need to click any apply buttons, because when you select the disk, the OS basically just automatically applies it.

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