Thursday, June 17, 2010

Safari 5

I recently downloaded Safari 5 and I am impressed. I want to go over some things: Safari Extensions, Readability, UI changes. Those alone make this update worth the download.

I will start off with UI changes. There are a few things that the user will notice. First, the brought back the blue loading bar. Another UI change can be seen in the History and Bookmarks window. They changed the style of the buttons and the color. Anyway, since these UI changes were more for show than for functionality and accessibility, I will move on to the next two things I want to talk about.

Readability. This is a great feature that analyzes the active webpage. It breaks it down utilizing DOM's functionality. After parsing appropriately, it reformats for easy reading, what is most likely the main article in the page. It is much easier to use than the old Arc90 bookmarklet. I bet the code is essentially the same, but by putting it into the Objective-C language, it runs faster.

Finally, Safari extensions. Now any developer can create extensions to add functionality to the Safari Web Browser. One example is an extension that allows the user to download the current YouTube video.
I find it nice that an extension can really get a high level of interaction with a web page (UI Interaction and WebPage injection). Soon, I will post a tutorial on how to make Safari extensions.

In sum, Safari 5 is loaded with some killer features. Safari Extensions, and Readability, along with algorithmic optimization makes this browser REALLY impressive. It is something everyone MUST download.

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