Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PS3 and/or XBox 360 Emulator

Sorry, for all of you who thought this page you just found on google would supply you with an emulator of a system from the seventh generation.

I know it can be done and it can be completed in less than 10-20 years. Everyone complains that graphics and CPU's aren't efficient enough. I am aware especially since the CPU's in computers are running heavier OS's and such.

The question I propose is: does a emulator user really, truly need an emulator that runs graphics perfectly? Well, NO unless they need it at which point they would want great graphics and buy a great card that can handle it. So, my solution to the graphics card problems with the more advanced emulators would be to just make it lossy (like a JPEG.) We don't need all of the data for the game to continue. It can be slightly pixelated. Again, if that was not good enough people that need it to be better would end up going out of their way to buy that new card.

I do not have a general solution to the fact that the PS3 has 8 cores. Ofcourse, what one can do is use less cores because I am sure that it requires those eight cores to be amazing but maybe it will work fine with just 4.

Nevertheless, I propose what I think is the best solution. Convert the low-level assembly code in the game file or ROM into assembly code for your specific processor. Everything would process well...i think. The approach could be like that of Windows Emulator(Wine.)

What do you think?

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