Thursday, December 24, 2009

PS3 and/or XBox 360 Emulator: Part 2

New fact: The PS3 doesn't necessarily use every processor so computers might be able to handle more than we expected

Anyway, conversion to a different processors machine code would be the best option (because obviously TIME and SPACE isn't enough when running conditionals, which are a common solution to emulators.) For example, one would convert 01 in an Intel processor to it's equivalent in a PPC processor. Thus, it would be readable on a PPC processor. Ofcourse, the only problem is that not every processor has equivalent commands. So, the program would have to be dynamic enough that it could develop code that would use the most low-level commands of each processor to recreate/emulate the other commands. It could watch the commands virtually and then run if else statements using a map algorithm to find the "path" that emulates the initial command.

This should be FUN, because times are changing! Software is going to have to become more efficient, or those 500 GHz and theoretical 1 THz processor could just come out.

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