Sunday, January 17, 2010

Microsoft Windows

So, I was trying to find some equivalent software between Mac and PC. I notice that there is virtually never a directly equivalent application, but I came to determine that Device Manager and System Profiler.

Anyway, I feel that I get more information from the Mac application and with less annoying dialog boxes. However, one can disable devices right from there on the PC. I think that apple gives you enough information to remove the appropriate KeXT's but Windows should not allow you to disable the processor, etc. It can get very dangerous. So, I am going to have to side with the System Profiler but I do give Windows 7 Device Manager its honorary mention. However, I do like how it can let you view the devices of other computers, and scan for hardware changes. But, then again Mac has console for that. I guess if you put System Profiler with Console then you get the same functionality.

This is why I don't like debating OS's for each bit of software, because there is rarely one software that has a functional equivalent so note that I am not comparing OS's, but rather comparing two similar (although not equivalent) pieces of software.

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