Sunday, November 22, 2009

Security Idea -- Which also helps speed up a OS X (on a flash drive) with limited space

NOTE: This has yet to be tested

First, some people are capable of using terminal to tell the Virtual RAM to put itself on a secondary HDD, however I found an alternative.

You will set up a new drive. Then make an alias for all of the files in the first HDD. Then, move the kernel from the initial drive to the new one along with all of the alias'. Then, bless your secondary disk so that it can boot. (Install a bootloader, etc.) The computer thinks that the initial disk is the main drive so it throws all of the Virtual RAM there. Now, by making the alias's you removed all of the extra space which vastly increases the amount of space you have for Virtual RAM.
Now, if you do this on an HDD it will require the flash drive to boot. You get a security and speed benefit although not simultaneously.

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